Say Whaaat? #CMWorld Day One

Wow – day one at Content Marketing World has come to a close. Two words to describe it: mind blown. Talk about inspiring! I’ve never experienced anything like being surrounded by 4,000 marketers who THINK LIKE ME! And a trade show floor that is jam packed with vendors who are promoting ideas that apply to MY JOB! (and not electrical engineering design or HVAC units). And let’s not forget that EVERYONE has a Twitter handle.

Laura and I have teamed up with fellow conference attendee (not to mention, but to mention, former CQ podcast guest) Julie Huval, CPSM of Benchley Design to share our favorite, quotable moments of Day One. So here it is, #preach!

  • Think about your content like a TV producer: Attach talent, create a hook, and commit to a format. @DrewDavisHere
  • Regular content inventory/audit allows for ongoing evaluation and the elimination of ROT (redundant, outdated, trivial). @LauraCreekmore
  • When it comes to content marketing, be all in or get all out. There is no halfway. @JoePulizzi
  • There are only two kinds of audiences. One we have, and one we don’t. @Robert_Rose
  • Actionable, deep personas are most important thing. Get executives involved with personas. @goldasich
  • Your goal needs to be to create the best page for that topic on the internet. @crestodina
  • The best content includes 1. Strong opinions or 2. Original research. @crestodina
  • Data is just data. What we need is information. There is no dashboard for this, sorry! @Robert_Rose
  • The best way to avoid contributing to information overload is to fill a content hole. Create content they don’t know they need, but can’t live without. @DrewDavisHere
  • Test what works for YOUR organization, industry standards are not recommendations. @randfish
  • It’s never been easier to communicate with customers, but it’s never been harder to truly connect with them. @josciarrino
  • Every analytics question should drive actionable insights. @ayat
  • “Best Practices” leave out context. Better to think of “Proven Practices” that can inform ideas.  @LnDDave
  • “The things we perceive as creative brilliance are often a product of a system.”  @Allen
  • Asking “so what” is a shortcut to customer empathy. @marketingprofs
  • Nobody wants a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Make your content different than your product offering. @vonbrachel
  • Do not confuse destruction with disruption. @mitchjoel

Like what you see and can’t get enough? Follow the conversation live on Twitter using #CMWorld, or keep an eye out tomorrow evening for a recap of Day Two!