Have you ever left a conference, or a happy hour with some of your favorite creative minds and thought, “Damn, I am so freaking inspired!” Yeah you have, and so have we. In fact, Communiqueso is the product of one such happy hour. There we sat, sipping on cocktails and discussing the sad reality that no matter how much we get our creative juices flowing in those moments, they inevitably fall victim to the routine of our daily grind. But why? What’s missing in our day to day that those special moments seem to have? Simple answer. The people.

That’s why we created Communiqueso. To share the people, the voices, and the passion that keep us inspired. That’s right, it’s not all about us and our opinions. Communiqueso is a community and everyone has something to contribute, because everyone has something they’re passionate about. Why Communiqueso? Cause everyone can use a little more cheese in their life. Plus it’s super fun to say. So grab a chip and dig in.


You know when something just feels right? Yeah, that’s how this whole thing started. From the moment we first met at our CPSM study group (nerd alert), we knew we’d be doing big things together. BIG THINGS, PEOPLE! But seriously, for the past five years, we’ve been each others sounding board, cheerleader, spellchecker and every other cheesy metaphor you can think of. And now we’re making honest women out of each other, officially joining forces to turn our circle of two into a community of thousands. We’re pretty pumped about it…obviously.

Big Cheesin'
Kate + Laura = Communiqueso

Kate Attilio, CPSM

Marketer, dog mom, music lover, brand nerd. Kate’s the brilliant mind behind this site’s adventurous beginnings as kateerdy.com. One day she stumbled upon the book Crush It and decided to grab life by the freaking horns. She’s been crushing it ever since. (FYI – formerly Kate Erdy, now Kate Uh-till-e-o.)

Laura Ewan, CPSM

Communications pro, cat mom, SMPS junkie, cartoon lover. Laura’s the voice behind the Communiqueso podcast (coming soon). One day Kate told Laura to read Crush It. Two years later she finally did. And that’s how this little adventure began.

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