#CMWorld Day Two – Orange Ya Jealous?!

Content Marketing World 2016 is coming to a close, and I have a confession – I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted because my brain is going a million miles a minute with great content ideas that I want to be live on this site RIGHT NOW! I’m exhausted because over the last two days I’ve been inspired with so many ideas to implement at my organization when I get back next week. I’m exhausted because I was able to have eye-opening, candid conversations with talented people about marketing challenges and how to keep pushing the limits. So when I say I’m exhausted, it’s in the best way possible. And in case you weren’t here to share those experiences, here is our best-of roundup (in collaboration with Benchley Design) from #CMWorld Day Two!

  • To know and add to your setup (what you receive) but not know your punchline (what you give) is an uncomfortable spot. @michaeljrcomedy
  • Don’t look for an opportunity to take. Look for an opportunity to give. @michaeljrcomedy
  • Great content tip from @Ford – never say anything externally that hasn’t already been shared internally. @CarlaJohnson
  • Customer experience is about what you actually do, not what you say you’ll do. @CarlaJohnson
  • Follow the fear, that’s where the opportunities are. @timwasher
  • Analysis is good, but don’t let it kill a good idea. @timwasher
  • A buyer persona is an agent for change in your company, start where you’re currently not succeeding to see the most results  @buyerpersona
  • The point of a podcast is not to reach a lot of people. It’s to reach the right people in a really visceral way. @mitchjoel
  • [RE: podcasts] Start out hot. Get right to the guests. Get to the content. @jaybaer
  • Front door web traffic is dying, while side door traffic is multiplying @mmagnarelli
  • You want some post-it notes? I’ve got like 10,000 of them. (anonymous man on the tradeshow floor)
  • [RE: @HamillHimself as the end-note speaker] I just want to know when he first read the script, did he have any idea that he’d be kissing his sister? @JulieHuvalCPSM
  • If you see something that you find engaging, find a way to repurpose it through your own prism. Everything old is new again. You’re trailblazing a new frontier. @HamillHimself
  • Believe in yourself and you follow your instincts – even if it’s against all odds. @HamillHimself
  • I certainly never expected to be in a galaxy far, far away as I rocketed towards Social Security. That’s for sure. @HamillHimself

That’s a wrap. Thanks for following along with our favs from Content Marketing World today – until 2017!