If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

Drum roll please…

Our BIG Announcement

We’re so, so excited to announce that we’ve been selected to speak at SMPS Build Business: Synthesis, this August in Philadelphia! And in true Communiqueso style, the program will consist of interviews with top industry leaders from around the country. This time, with three CEO’s of leading A/E/C firms who have walked the walk, and now we’re inviting them to talk to the talk about leading with marketing on “Communiqueso Live: A View From the Top.”

Here’s Where You Come In

We’re taking it to the streets for our first CQ Live! What does it mean to you for a firm to lead with marketing? Who is doing a great job? Have any stories you want to share? Participate in the conversation on social media by using #CQbossbrag.

Additionally, we plan to select the panel members based on YOUR suggestions! Click here to nominate one of your firm leaders to sit on the first ever CQ Live panel.

Spring Break!

Get your party pants on, it’s time for spring break! Well, kinda – our spring break plans do not involve any “contests” in Cancun. But rather, a break from our weekly guest interviews throughout this month. Now before you get too upset – we want to assure you that there will still be plenty of fresh queso coming your way throughout April. (Hint: it may or may not include double dip style interviews with the Communiqueso change agents ourselves, Laura Ewan and Kate Attilio). And we plan to pick back up with the standard guest interviews beginning May 2!

So in case we didn’t get the message across, we’re excited! This journey keeps getting better by the day, and we’re excited about this next step. So with that, we leave you with this:


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