A Gift From Our Guests

Gifts from Our Guests

This holiday season, we couldn’t be more appreciative of the gift of TIME. Between our day jobs, planning and producing Communiqueso, and prepping for a wedding (ten days and counting, Kate!), we’ve learned a thing or two about making the most of every hour in the day.

And that’s why we’re so thankful for the time our guests grant us each week. As you may have noticed by now, we’re publishing two episodes per guest; one focused on their subject matter expertise, and a bonus episode dubbed the Double Dip where we learn more about their professional journey, inspirations and lessons learned. In addition to the gift of their time, the generous and genuine stories they share in these episodes make them some of our favorites. We’re loving them and we hope you are, too.

Not Double Dipping, yet? We’ve pulled some of our favorite Double Dip quotes for your sampling. See you in the new year with a brand new line up of outstanding guests.

Double Dip? Don’t Mind If I Do.

IdaCheinmanIda Cheinman
Principal, SUBSTANCE151

“There’s no such thing as great design unless it’s grounded in research and strategy, in a framework and foundation that really communicates and creates emotion in the audience you’re trying to attract. Otherwise, honestly, it’s art. Not that there’s anything wrong with art, but that’s not what we’re in the business of doing.”
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Julie Huval, CPSMJulie Huval

“The biggest thing that I’m fighting right now is not having enough resources. Moving forward, I’d like to be able to bring on additional marketing staff. But it’s a catch-22. You need more money to hire marketing staff, but you need more staff to win more work and earn more money. What I’d really like to do is throw a tantrum, but whenever I meet with my boss I share with him how much things would cost and success stories from firms with the similar budget parameters to prove ROI.”
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Alice Phillips

“I went back to graduate school for journalism. Which ironically was the best schooling in communication I had, even though it was a journalism degree. And the reason was because they took what I was writing and beat me down and built me back up again. The value of that experience was that I almost started approaching language as if it was a computer programming language where every word counts and has an impact.”
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Katie GarrettKatie Garrett headshot
Account Director, REPEQUITY, INC.

“I like to think of even little wins as sometimes being more important than the big wins along the way. You can chalk up a lot of little wins over time and people then have a longer memory for the things that are more recent. If your one win was a big win, but it was nine months ago, they tend to get forgotten very easily. So, I’m really always trying to find the little ways that I can effect change that make a bigger change along the way — that’s working towards a larger goal.”
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Amy Adye

Amy Adye, CPSM
Associate and Corporate Workplace Marketing Manager, SMITHGROUPJJR

“From the moment I got there I was always trying to behave in the role above my position. Just taking initiative and trying to help my managers out as much as I could, trying to help my team members out as much as I could. And not being bogged down with worrying about over stepping, or worrying about ‘this is not technically in my job description.’ You know, just contributing at the highest level possible at all times.”
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Tim Asimos, CPSMTim Asimos
Vice President & Director of Digital Innovation,

“We’re big in our company on candor. We use the word candor a lot. We need to be able to share feedback even if it’s not going to be necessarily be something that people want to hear, but if they need to hear it. And if the goal is not to hurt someone or tear them down, but to ultimately make them better, or to make a project better, or our firm better. Then we absolutely are all about sharing that.”
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Erin OngenaErin Ongena
Marketing Manager, CALLISONRTKL

“I’ve been able to work with some of our senior leadership all over the world, and that’s really guided my understanding and my approach to how I market and how I set direction for my team. I think being able to take experiences that they have, the knowledge that they have, and play off of the passion that they have adds some excitement. It motivates me to do things differently, and find ways to continuously evolve and grow in my career and the way in which I am approaching my work and building a team.”
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