Five Websites We LOVE.

When you’re knee deep in a website redesign, looking to other well-designed sites becomes a daily ritual. Smart design that keeps the viewer in mind is key. Here are a few that have caught my eye recently:

1. Whiteboard

I’m in LOVE with the subtle use of video on this page. I’ve seen it done, but this is done right. So, so right! And the powerful statement overlaid on the full bleed video? Money.


2. Uber

Ah yes, the hamburger menu (normally reserved for mobile) in desktop design. Loved by some, hated by many. I’m personally a lover – cleans up the page and ups the sexiness factor.


3. National LGBT Museum

Master site of the parallax split screen. And damn, it looks nice.This screen shot doesn’t do it justice. Downside? It doesn’t translate quite as well to mobile.

LGBT Museum

4. Tito’s Vokda

Graphics-wise, maybe not my favorite. But Laura pointed out the fantastic storytelling through the site, and I concur. So I’ll look past the Texas-style finishes and give it a nod for content.


5. Pool House Digital

In combination with the photography that evokes emotion and draws in the viewer, the menu placement and quick calls to action are unexpected for a design agency.

Poolhouse Digital

What are your favorite sites right now? What features and trends are you seeing and loving/hating? Let’s hear ’em!