14 Signs You’re an AEC Social Marketer

Social isn’t going anywhere. And as the AEC industry slowly adapts, those of us responsible are charged with the challenging (and sometimes frustrating) task of maintaining and defending its value. So for those of you who join us in fighting the good fight, here’s a list fourteen stops on the emotional roller coaster that is social marketing in the AEC industry. We’re sure you can relate.

1. Watching your site analytics after a new blog post is published like…

ross nervous

2. Your reaction when you’re retweeted/mentioned by the media

carlton dance

3. When you accidentally post a personal tweet from your corporate account

pauly d

4. When you get an email asking why you didn’t promote content you’ve already posted about fifteen times

Kristin Wig frustrated

5. When you notice someone on your leadership team has updated their LinkedIn profile

john stewart

6. When someone asks for admin rights to your firms social accounts

oh hell no

7. When you hit 1,000 followers on Twitter

aziz yes

8. The moment your realize the innocent #hashtag you used is more commonly used for something very inappropriate. #NSFW


9. When the content you thought was brilliant gets zero likes


10. When a coworker asks you to help set up their personal social accounts

big smile

11. When 143 characters is as low as you can go


12. When your original content goes viral!

football happy dance

13. Your mom when she “likes” every single post on your corporate Facebook page

excited mom

14. When your boss asks you what the pound sign means

cant even