Being the New Kid Isn’t So Bad

In fact, it’s awesome! The blog has been really quiet lately, and for good reason – I started a new job! Earlier this month made a change in my career to embrace my true passion: communications. Nerdy? Maybe, but I’m so happy that I found what really makes me tick. So far, so good – awesome team and energetic atmosphere! And now that I’m nearing the close of my second week, I thought I’d share my experience so far and some helpful words for those also making a change.

Don’t burn bridges, but be honest.

Tempted to spill it all when you leave your current position? I get it, but do it with taste. This is a tight knit industry and word travels fast. Be honest so your employer may consider/address your concerns for future and current employees. Be sure to close things out, transfer your responsibilities and make your transition out as smooth as possible.

Make important connections, and nurture them.

The curiosity of new coworkers is mutual. Once you have the lay of the land, find out who you’ll be interacting with and make an effort to get to know each of them. But not just their role in the firm. Find out how they spend their weekends. Do they have kids? A dog? What’s their favorite drink? Connecting on a personal level will leave a lasting impression on your working relationship.

Soak it all up!

Read. Search the archives. Ask questions. Talk to people. This is your time to get up to speed and you should take advantage of every opportunity you can. Be thorough and remember that this time is an investment in your career. Your new-found knowledge is the groundwork for succeeding in your new role.

Old Practices + New Ideas = Dy-no-mite.

It’s like the best of both worlds. Combining strategies from your previous role with practices in your new role will allow you to look at things in a very objective manner. Be careful not to dwell on “how you did things at ABC Company” (because it’s annoying, I am guilty of this one). But remember that bringing those ideas to your team may be fresh and a great opportunity to enhance current practices. This is a time for your team to reevaluate how things are done and make adjustments accordingly.

New Commute is for the birds?

Ok maybe this one is just me! But I’ve been dealing with it by calling friends and family (hands-free), and using the time to problem solve and think. In fact, I developed the idea for this post over the past few afternoon commutes. You’re welcome 🙂 And if you’ve got time to kill on public transportation, read a good book. Here are some of my latest suggestions:


What have you experienced in transitioning into a new position? Share in the comments below!