Things only an AEC marketer would understand

Because we work in such a niche market, most people don’t really get it when I “vent” about my job. But I know the readers of this blog will, so I present to you: Things only an AEC marketer would understand!


When I said I needed edits back today, I didn’t mean tomorrow. But whatever.

Devil Wears Prada - Glacial Pace

You just willy-nilly changed the font and colors on your email signature?

Being bad feels good

Must be awards season.

dumb and dumber salon


Wait, what’s that? You don’t like my image choice on page 34?

Stand by Me - Take it back


The proposal is due in 7 minutes and the address listed in the RFP simply does not exist..

Vanilla Sky


Walk into a pre-proposal meeting and size up the competition.

dumb and dumber party


Client’s reaction when the model isn’t what they had in mind.



During interview prep when someone instructs you on how to correctly use powerpoint as you make edits while your screen is projected.

Enough-Fat Amy


When you find out your team lost the project that you just worked 40 hours overtime in a week to chase.




What you actually want to say during a debrief.



What the billable staff pictures when you say you’re headed out to a networking event.



When you realize the sad truth that proposals will always be a part of your job.

Jim Carey Ok



How my friends and family see me during the month of December.




And finally…how I feel when I leave the office most days.

Breakfast Club Finale