You Know Your Firm Leads With Marketing When…

#CQbossbrag is on fuego! We’ve been collecting some great nominations and stories from the CQ Community, confirming that CQ Live at 2016 SMPS Build Business is going to be a hit! But we’re not done yet. We’ll be collecting nominations through the end of May, so if you haven’t submitted yet there’s still time.

Not sure whether your firm qualifies as a marketing-led firm? Don’t worry, we’ve pulled together some signs to get you inspired. So without further ado – you know your firm leads with marketing when…

Marketing has a seat at the table (all you CMO’s – can we get an amen?!)


There is a REAL go/no-go process

bill hader ooohhh[


The technical staff understands the value of your CRM




Your firm has a strategic plan…

…and it includes marketing!



Your CEO knows what a hashtag is, and uses them effectively



You have people knocking down your door to write content for the company blog



There’s an unspoken internal contest about who’s profile ranks highest on LinkedIn


Everyone at the firm is considered a marketer!

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