Cheers! #CQResolutions for 2016

Looking for an unforgettable way to kick off a new year? Try getting married! That’s what I did, anyway – and it was AWESOME! You may recognize my new hubs, Donny, as the voice behind the CQ podcast intro, and the talent that does all of our editing (thanks, boo!).

Just like any newlywed, now that the big day is behind me, I’m focusing on the future. Here at Communiqueso, that means taking time to establish some New Year’s resolutions. Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi preaches the value of writing down your goals and reviewing them daily, and attributes much of his success to this practice. So here it goes. In 2016, we’ll be working hard to continue producing crave-worthy content that informs and inspires in-house marketers like you. We’re committed to doing something new each month to improve as hosts, reaching outside our networks for new guests, and taking more time to engage with our audience on social media.

What are your marketing resolutions for 2016? Really think about it and write them down. Hang them up at your desk and review them every day. Not sure where to start? Not a problem. We asked Communiqueso guests (past and future) to share what they have in the pipeline for 2016 as a little inspiration. Here’s what they had to say:

Tim AsimosTim Asimos, CPSM
Vice President and Director of Digital Innovation, CIRCLE S STUDIO

“I’m aiming to increase the diversity of content offerings I
produce. In addition to weekly blog posts, I’m hoping to launch a new video series, produce regular guides and ‘cheat sheets’ and publish several new e-books that I’ve already drafted. Quality or quantity? The answer for me and my firm in 2016 has to be both!”

Want to turn your team into a content machine? Check out Tim’s episode Content That’s Not Crap! to learn more about how you can up your content game in 2016.

IdaCheinmanIda Cheinman
Principal, SUBSTANCE151

“Enable our clients to leverage the growth-driven (incremental approach) trend in website design and development. Specifically, help firms see their websites as dynamic, ever-evolving entities (rather than ‘one-and-done’ projects) where real-time metrics inform changes for continual movement toward faster results against objectives.”

Hoping to transform your firm’s outdated, impersonal approach to marketing? Check out Ida’s episode Not B2B or B2C, It’s H2H for inspiration on how you can help your firm make 2016 the year of authenticity.

Melissa Rysak, CPSMMelissa Rysak, CPSM
Marketing and Business Development Director, DAROFF DESIGN

“Focus more on how to get the close, without disregarding the maintenance of the relationship.”

Want to impact your firm’s bottom in 2016? Stay tuned for Melissa’s January 14 episode on transitioning from marketer to business development powerhouse.

Julie HuvalJulie Huval, CPSM
Marketing, Beck Technology

“Don’t treat my personal business like a hobby. I plan to go through the tasks of building a mission statement, company objectives, quarterly tactics, editorial calendar…the whole nine yards. As for Beck Technology…whoa nelly! Improve my company’s influencers’ presences in the industry through articles, blog postings, speaking engagements, and social media.”

Planning to kick ass and take names this year like Julie? Learn the importance of setting benchmarks and tracking progress in Julie’s episode, Mo’ Data, Mo’ Problems.

Josh MilesJosh Miles
Principal, MilesHerndon

“I’m planning to launch a weekly podcast in March called, Obsessed With Design, where I’ll interview architects, branding designers, and illustrators about their design obsessions.”

Looking to launch a big new project of your own in 2016? Join us in February where Josh will be schooling us all in how to prepare for a website redesign.

Be the Inspiration. Share your 2016 marketing resolutions with us on Twitter by using the hashtag #CQResolutions.

We’ll be starting back on the podcast next Monday with Melissa Rysak, Marketing and Business Development Director with Daroff Design, and our first episode of 2016. Cheers!