A Thanksgiving Tribute

On November 21, Forbes published an article assessing the results of a Harris Poll study conducted on behalf of American Greetings. The survey revealed that “three in five Americans say they’d rather do something else than reflect on what they’re thankful for on Thanksgiving.” To that, we say baloney. As proud members of the minority in this surprising statistic, we’d like to take the opportunity this Thanksgiving to express our gratitude for the following:

1. Our Network

We have an incredible network of friends, family and colleagues that have been cheering us on the entire way. Thank you for your words of encouragement, your calls, ideas, cheese puns (that’s right, we don’t make them all up ourselves), and every single share, like, comment and retweet. It means the world to us, thank you.

2. Our Consultants

We’re not doing this on our own! We are incredibly thankful for the talented people helping in the background to make us look, and sound legit. Thanks to  Steven Norris, the graphics mastermind behind our logo, for bringing our cheesy vision to life, and Donny Attilio of Earshot Underground for his sweet editing skillzzz and lending his vocal talents to our intro.

3. Our Guests

We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some really awesome peeps so far. You know who you are, but we’ll list you anyway. Thank you to Ida Cheinman, Julie Huval, Alice Phillips, Katie Garrett, and coming soon, Amy Adye, Erin Ongena, Tim Asimos, and Josh Miles (we promise, Josh!). Thank you for being our guinea pigs while we found our feet, and our voice, and for your willingness to share your stories so candidly with our listeners.

4. our resources

Schedule a guest. Pick a topic. Hit record. Boom, you’ve got a podcast. Just kidding, it’s a lot more complicated than that, and we honestly had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. That’s where Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income’s podcast tutorials come in. His step-by-step videos schooled us on everything we needed to know about starting a podcast. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and resources to help new podcasters get up and running.
We can’t talk resources without mentioning Slack. It has been our lifeline to each other throughout this entire process, and helps us collaborate and keep our crazy ideas organized and centrally located in one spot. Thanks for keeping us sane…and for the /giphy.

5. our partnership

Could we be any CHEESIER? But it’s true. In the past few months, Communiqueso has been a roller coaster of emotions – excitement, frustration, confusion, anticipation, and lots of high fives. We’re in this together and we’re not going anywhere.