Weekly Roundup: Why you should NOT be scheduling tweets

I tend to push a lot of buttons when this topic comes up, but I stand by my opinion: Scheduling tweets is bad news.  For the  same reason you wouldn’t schedule your emails to go out in advance. You have no idea what may happen between the time you compose a message, and the time it is sent out. And Twitter is broadcasted to the entire  world, not just who is listed in the “To” line! And to take it a step further, Twitter is all about the interaction and connections you create.  If you’re too busy to hit the send button on Twitter, then you’re also probably too busy to be fostering any type interaction. So seriously, stop it.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some catalysts to get the conversation going.
(Don’t mind the over-dramatic headlines.)

Worst Scheduled Tweet Timing. Ever.

By Scott Stratten of UnMarketing. By the way – check out his podcast. It rocks.

NRA Tweet following Aurora Shooting

From The Huffington Post.  This is awful, and the social media blunder was 100% preventable had someone been more on top of their game.

Why Prescheduled Tweets are the Most Horrible Thing in the World-Half the Time

From FastCompany, for an objective piece that sees both sides of the argument. I love their findings: “After a six-month experiment, my belief is you can automate content, but you can’t automate connection. ” Bingo.

And last but not least, because Gary Vaynerchuk says so.

GaryV Twitter Quote

I will say this: I sometimes store ideas for future tweets in the “scheduled tweets” column of Hootsuite. But I “schedule” it for 2020 so there is no chance in hell that it will go out without me manually sending it. I’m just sayin’ – if you’re too busy to send your own tweets, maybe Twitter isn’t for you. #EndRant.