Weekly Roundup: Twitter’s Gone Public, Ya’ll!

On November 7, 2013, the Twitter IPO was born.  Now just more than a week later, the dust has settled and it’s looking good.  Actually, it’s lookin’ REAL good.  Here are some of the most interesting articles in relation to the Twitter IPO that I have come across this week.  Enjoy!
Warning – this is totally personal and therefore 100% subjective coming from a Twitter-lover. Hey, at least I’m honest.

Who’s Next on Twitter’s Acquisition List: 4 Predictions 

From Inc. Twitter raised $2.09 billion in its IPO a few weeks ago. In terms of money raised, that makes it the second biggest IPO of an American Internet company in history, surpassed only by Facebook’s volatile $16 billion IPO last year. With that much cash in the bank, analysts predict, Twitter’s bound for a buying spree.

Twitter IPO: Another In The Endless Stream Of Evidence That The Brand Trumps All

From Forbes. Is the brand mightier than the business it embodies? Amid the hearty applause and hashtag #congratulations for social media superstar Twitter this week, much has been made of the contrast to Facebook’s botched I.P.O. last year. 

Who Gained from Twitter’s Underpriced I.P.O?

From The New Yorker. Twitter, the virtual corkboard for one-liners, brought in less than half a billion dollars last year. Those who felt the company was overpriced even at the initial price it proposed, which would have valued it at eleven billion dollars, should be forgiven for the misjudgment.

Watch Twitter’s Video Pitch to Investors.

And finally, my favorite.  The funny thing is, this one is actually from late October. But so meaningful in my opinion. It’s no wonder the IPO is such a raging success. Almost makes me tear up!

From Fast Company. Though the entire video is 37 minutes long, after the first two and a half minutes, it primarily features CEO Dick Costolo against a plain backdrop talking about Twitter’s business: 230 million monthly users, 94 of top AdAge 100 advertisers paying for spots, its TV partnerships, and more.