A Marketer’s Guide to Architectural Photography

I originally authored this post for the Photographing Spaces blog through coordination with photographer/friend Judy Davis.  But I wanted to make sure you all knew about it and picked up the tips!  This has been a very busy year for photography at my firm, so I’ve been living and breathing this guide all summer and fall. Below is a quick preview, but you can check out the entire guide here, as well as many great other articles related to architectural photography.

1. Pre-Scheduling / Selecting a Photographer

– Contact information
– Project type experience
– Day rate
– Experience working together

2. Green Light to Book

– Timeframe
– Location
– Space Type
– Number/Types of Views
– Budget
– Terms and Conditions
– Multiple Party Sharing

3. Day of Shoot

– Provide guidance to the photographer
– Act as a liaison with the tenant and/or building owner
– Move/straighten furniture
– Clean windows or glass
– Strike a pose as a model!

4. Post Shoot Editing