Weekly Roundup: Social One Hit Wonders

It’s baaaaaack! Ok it’s been way too long, and I don’t even have a good excuse.  But enough with that – on to the good stuff, the weekly roundup!

With the recent announcement that Instagram will now include  video functionality (and essentially replace Vine), I’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane and gather up some of the best social  “one hit wonders.” Each of the platforms listed below have had their 15 minutes (or months) of fame, but fizzled soon after.  There are definitely some takeaways we can learn from their success and failures.


I saw a really funny tweet by @grumpycat: “RIP Vine. 2013-2013.”  Only time will tell if Vine will disappear after the added Instagram video feature. And even if it does –  I’ll always remember our good times together, Vine!


It’s practically the grand daddy of social one hit wonders.  First MySpace and then Facebook really stole it’s thunder.  But deep down, we all know this was the basis for those two.  And the funniest part? When you go to the Friendster website today, you can login with your Facebook account.  Ouch!

Hotmail / Yahoo / AOL Domains

I am guilty of having email addresses from two of the above mentioned domains, didn’t everyone? But somehow they became less cool over the years, as gmail gained world domination. The Oatmeal published a very funny article a few months ago about “What your email address says about you.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

I’d like to think that all of you Gen Y’ers had a similar college experience as I when it came to AIM.  AIM was THE means of communication, especially for us students of Bethany College that did not have the luxury of cell phone service in the mountains of West Virginia.  And let’s face it — the AIM away message was really just the beginning of the Facebook status feature. Check out some really funny ones via Buzzfeed here.

What else…I know there are more you are dying to dig back up!

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