Weekly Roundup: AEC Responses to Yahoo’s Announcement

It is likely that by now you’ve heard the news that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has put a ban on teleworking, effective June 2013.  Mayer has sparked a controversy with this decision, aimed to enhance the corporate culture of the tech giant. This bold announcement creates an interesting enigma for the workplace design community.  With a shift towards the “workplace of the future,” many clients are taking it to heart and designing workspaces that incorporate hotelling spots for telework/mobile employees. In turn, this leads to a reduction in overall square footage that could not house 100% of employees at one given time.

With that being said, the announcement has also created a unique marketing opportunity for designers to speak up about the matter and take a stance of their own.  I’ve seen a number of very quick responses with varying opinions.  In the eyes of a marketer, I must applaud these individuals/organizations for reacting so quickly to a current topic.  By commenting (and quickly), these individuals have published their stance on the issue, defended their design values and added to their credibility as a design expert.  And with the story receiving such publicity, their articles will without a doubt create conversation.

So in today’s weekly roundup, I’ve compiled a compelling list of articles published from within the A/E/C industry, bravo! (If you’ve found any others, feel free to share below in the comments section!)



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